Super fun 80s crop!

Customer submitted photo, sporting a super fun multi-color 80s crop

photo copyright Amira Hadla, @amihadphoto on instagram, wearing a rainbow colored 80s crop top.

Photo belongs to Amira Hadla (@amihadphoto on IG). Thanks for sharing it with us!

Announcing our new shop site!

jsw echoes website url announcement vintage clothing website

I’m super excited to announce our new shop website! SHOPJSW.COM

We’ve been operating since 2015 under the name of JSW Vintage. Our online offerings have been available only on Etsy and consisted solely of vintage garments, which are strictly AT LEAST 20 years old. You will find a lot of the same items that we offer in our JSW Vintage Etsy shop here as well, but also more.

We have opened JSW Echoes, not only to expand our reach online, but also to allow us a greater flexibility in what we can offer you. Very often we come across some absolutely amazing stuff that is not quite considered “vintage”, that we would love (and I’m certain you would love for us) to offer for sale. We also plan to start offering embroidery and designs that we have manufactured in the very near future.

What all this means to you is more variety, and who doesn’t love variety, right? Thanks for checking out the shop, and hopefully you’ll find something you love. If you have any questions, concerns, or are looking for something you don’t see, please let us know, as it’s very likely we can find it for you.

Simply Gorgeous!

These photos come from one of our customers. They are modeling a super unique vintage outfit, which consists of an a-line shirt dress style top and high waisted, straight-leg pants. It looks totally amazing – love this outfit!

vintage 60s outfit with long a-line shirt dress style top and high waist straight leg pants suit jsw vintage clothing houston texas

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Not quite vintage

This one only goes back eight years, but it’s so great: a 2009 Megadeth fan club T-shirt. This will be available locally, or you may contact us directly if interested.

2009 megadeth mega fan club t-shirt jsw vintage clothing houston texas

Stargazing in the desert

Taking a long weekend trip out to Marfa. Lots of hiking and relaxing. Best stargazing I’ve ever experienced out here. It’s fun watching the satellites go by too. More photos to come of course, but I wanted to upload a few shots of the Prada Marfa installation that I took at dusk last night.

Prada marfa installation at dusk and night stars in background

prada marfa installation at dusk purple sky stars at night

marfa prada installation at night purple sky stars in background jsw vintage clothing houston texas

El Cosmico campgrounds in Marfa Texas Lighted arrow into the parking lot with cars going by
Staying at El Cosmico of course!