Retro Full 80s / 90s Track Suit / Warm Up Gear Windbreaker and Matching Pants Bold Colors, Geometric Shapes.

This crazy awesome track suit really speaks for itself! You get the windbreaker jacket and the matching pants seen in the photos. The colors are red, off-white / cream, and light blue / teal. It also features slick black piping, which offers nice contrast, and the nylon material has a really nice translucent sheen to it.

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1990s Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI NFL Sweatshirt | High Quality Shirt With Sewn on Lettering and Embroidery

This is a super high quality sweatshirt, which was made to commemorate the Green Bay Packers winning Super Bowl XXXI over the New England Patriots. All of the printing on the garment is sewn and embroidered.

See here for more on this great sweatshirt

super bowl xxxi 31 green bay packers 90 champions nfl team

Vintage Hippie Shirt With Embroidered Paisley Pattern On Front, SOFT, Short Sleeve Button Up, 60s / 70s

This is a really unique button up shirt! It has a silk-like texture that is out of this world. The embroidered paisley pattern, which goes halfway up the front, in addition to the high neck gives this garment an amazing retro style! The tag shows Oscar, size XL. See more here

hippie shirt paisley 60s 70s oscar label size xl silk-like texture green and black high neck shirt

Back to work in the new year!

After a lovely Christmas / New Year holiday, we are now officially back up and running for 2016! I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season


jsw vintage work station. building pillows
jsw vintage 2016