Big E, Type 1 Levis Denim Jacket. What A Find!

Stumbled across this very rare and collectible, type 1 jacket yesterday. It appears to be 1930s to 1940s vintage. At some point, someone sewed in some interesting accents. I plan to leave them intact, although it could be easily removed if one desired. It has one feature, which I do not have any information on. The rear clasp has the word anchor on it. As far as I can tell, this is the maker’s mark. All of the other rivets and buttons are marked with the Levi Strauss & Co mark. Please contact us if you have any information about the anchor clasp. The detail photo is provided below.

Available Here:

big e levis type 1 denim jacket. levi's type I denim jean jacket 1930s 1940s anchor clasp buckle

anchor brand belt clasp on levis type 1 denim jacket. anchor company

Big E Red Tab Vintage 1930s 1940s type one denim jacket levi strauss and company san francisco california

leather tag on levi big e vintage denim jean jacket