Shagmoor Mid Century Coat With Fur Collar

Just listed this absolutely gorgeous 1960s Winter coat! The collar features ultra stylish fur, which can be seen from the front, side, or rear. The beautiful, large buttons have a stone or granite-like appearance and are surrounded by a gold colored trim. They match the colors of the fur wonderfully! FOR MORE DETAILS

shagmoor women's winter coat. 1950s-60s mid century jacket with large fur collar jsw vintage clothing

shagmoor women's winter coat. 1950s-60s mid century jacket with large fur collar jsw vintage clothing

Some Really Great Denim Jackets And Vests!

We had some denim jackets and vests around, which were just screaming for additions. Some had distress or damage which needed cover ups, and some just looked like they would benefit from a great patch or two. I searched around locally, but surprisingly couldn’t find any good patches from local sources.

I found these guys online: One Hand Printing and they do an absolutely fantastic job! I totally recommend them if you are looking for some cool screen printed patches at a great price.

So far, I’ve added patches to a lined jacket and vest; also to an unlined jacket and vest. All of which can be seen below.

1980s wrangler denim jacket with back and front patches punk biker trucker jean coat unlined jsw vintage clothingwrangler wrange coat with back and front patches vintage denim sherpa lined jsw vintage clothingdenim vest with sherpa lining and back patch cat jsw vintage clothing companywomen's xl lee vest with cat back patch jsw vintage clothing company

A Couple New Additions For The Personal Book Collection

I went in search of a lovely copy of Crime and Punishment today. I saw the book I was in search of at an antiques store, which is not terribly close to me, a few months ago. I had passed it up reluctantly, as I just didn’t want to spend the money on it that day. To my dismay, the copy I discovered there had apparently sold, because I could not find it anywhere. In a used bookstore close by, however, I did find this lovely, 1966 hardback printing. It is in great condition and features amazing wood block illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg. It even retains its original slip cover and an insert that came with it from the Heritage Club. I have been wanting a proper copy of this book since reading it for the first time. I won’t be getting rid of my soft cover version, but this copy is a very welcome addition!

I also picked up a Dostoevsky novel which I have yet to read; The Devils, aka The Possessed, or Demons. There is definitely nothing special about this particular copy of the book, but I very much look forward to reading it, as I have read the majority of Dostoevsky’s works and absolutely love … most of them, haha.

1966 heritage press club crime and punishment hardback dostoyevsky

1966 heritage press printing crime and punishment. woodblock print illustration of old woman at door. murder scene. dostoevsky dostoyevsky crime and punishment 1966 heritage press club version hardback with illustrations

Newest Arrivals!

This shows the very newest items that have been listed in the Etsy shop. The posted date is from when this was originally placed here, but it always refreshes with the latest stuff.

Some Fall Deals For Ya!

25% off selected items at our retropolis location. clearance specials.

We’re making room for Winter and holiday items! Come take advantage of some discounted items at our Retropolis location! 321 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

A little overzealous on cassette purchasing

We bought a boombox to use up at the shop last week, and it has a couple of tape decks in it. Today I got a hankering to get some tapes to play in it. Well, I was like a kid in a candy store looking at all the tapes I saw at this shop. There were definitely more I wanted to get, but these are the ones we ended up with. The ironic thing is that most of the time the radio I bought these for is going to be tuning into an FM station. Rest assured, I will be bringing some of these with me and blasting them when I am physically up at the shop.

Shout out to Heights Vinyl! This was my first time in, and I’m sure I’ll be back. Apparently they do repair on turntables in addition to selling records, tapes, and equipment. I just so happen to have a turntable that needs some work, so I’ll be back in sooner rather than later!

vintage cassette tapes heights vinyl houston texas motley crue, skid row, dire straits, sublime, poison. 80s 90s music jsw vintage clothing