Not only a new venue, but new listing types…

I Mentioned in the last post that we’re moving forward with putting some listings on Ebay. That means auctions!

We already have a couple auctions running, and there will be more to come as well. I’ll always start the auctions at a super low bid, which means the possibility of you getting an amazing deal on awesome stuff! Here are our first two offerings:

an all leather vintage Cooper of NY coat, with a low starting bid of only 19.99

Cooper Bomber Ebay Auction

cooper of new york ny leather bomber coat jacket ebay auction listing jsw vintage clothing houston texas

And a beautiful Brazilian designer Iodice dress, perfect for Summer and Spring. Starting bid of only $9.99

Iodice Floral Dress, Ebay Auction Listing

iodice brasil brazil ebay auction listing jsw vintage clothing houston texas

A new venue for JSW

So, we’ve intentionally shied away from listing on Ebay. I still very much love what Etsy has going on, and we will still be maintaining the shop there obviously.

With that said; It’s hard to stay away from the massive amounts of traffic that Ebay has to offer. We made our first few listings on there today, and you should go and check them out!

silhouettes shiny baseball style coat dance dancer stripper jacket coat


Working on some cool projects today. Modifying some jeans into bell bottoms. We picked up some fun and colorful fabrics this morning. Finished up one pair earlier, which was a learning experience, but they turned out really well. I’ll upload some photos of the jeans later.

paisley and floral hippy bell bottom jeans diy modified jeans flared flares bells jsw vintage clothing houston texas

diy hand made upcycled modified bell bottom jeans with floral pattern. hippy hippie bells flares flared 60s 70s retro style women's pants jsw vintage clothing houston retropolis