Spring and Summer Wear Items

We’ve been getting up some really great Spring and Summer items! Vintage t-shirts are always great warm weather wear, and we have tons of “new” ones to choose from.

Also check out these beautiful, flowing, floral dresses that just went up today – perfect for any occasion!

patti cappalli california hawaiian style vintage 80s dress floral flowers purple. jsw vintage clothing houston texas


red light pink mexican dress embroidered flowers floral gown. Jsw vintage clothing houston texas


light green mexican mini dress with embroidery embroidered details floral flowers jsw vintage clothing houston


Interesting Experience

was watching tv, and the dude from TMZ was totally wearing this shirt. I couldn’t stop laughing – made my evening. We just sold it to him in January.

eagle shirt jsw vintage clothing houston texas

80s vintage eagle sweatshirt jsw vintage clothing houston texas sweatshirt

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s a couple days early, but we celebrated last weekend with a 5k and a parade. That’s where Ruby acquired her fun tiny hat!

happy saint patrick's day dog american bulldog mix with green tiny hat on jsw vintage clothing houston texas