Not quite vintage

This one only goes back eight years, but it’s so great: a 2009 Megadeth fan club T-shirt. This will be available locally, or you may contact us directly if interested.

2009 megadeth mega fan club t-shirt jsw vintage clothing houston texas

Stargazing in the desert

Taking a long weekend trip out to Marfa. Lots of hiking and relaxing. Best stargazing I’ve ever experienced out here. It’s fun watching the satellites go by too. More photos to come of course, but I wanted to upload a few shots of the Prada Marfa installation that I took at dusk last night.

Prada marfa installation at dusk and night stars in background

prada marfa installation at dusk purple sky stars at night

marfa prada installation at night purple sky stars in background jsw vintage clothing houston texas

El Cosmico campgrounds in Marfa Texas Lighted arrow into the parking lot with cars going by
Staying at El Cosmico of course!